Tuesday, October 7, 2008

No Time for Waiting

Dab Garner of Dab the AIDS Bear Project, has been fighting for HIV/AIDS awareness and care since the 1980's. His late mother was active in PFLAG Pensacola, and he counts many friends in the PFLAG communities of Florida in the fight for HIV/AIDS care and funding.

Dab wrote to us about a scary reality - that even in 2008 there are "waiting lists" for people in urgent need of vital HIV/AIDS medical care. Each state has a program known as AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAP) "which provides drugs for 30 percent of HIV infected patients who are financially challenged under the Ryan White Care Act."

Due to lack of funding, two states have resorted to having HIV/AIDS patients on waiting lists: Indiana and Montana. Garner reports that Georgia may follow soon as well, due to funding issues.

It is inexcusable for any person to wait for life-saving medication. As many PFLAG parents are aware, too many of our families have been effected by loss of loved ones. One way to let your voice be heard, and help save lives, is to contact the offices of the following governors:

Indiana Governor Mitchell Daniels
504 Broadway Suite 423
Gary, Indiana 96402
Tele: (219) 881-6704
Fax: (219) 881-0045

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer
PO Box 200801
Montana 59620-0801
Tele: (406) 444-3111
Fax: (406) 444-5529

Let them know that HIV/AIDS funding is a major priority in saving our families and loved ones. And learn more about the issues surrounding ADAP waiting lists by visiting here.

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