Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October is GLBT History Month!!

Welcome to October. It's a month of changing leaves and pumpkins... and it's also GLBT History Month!

GLBT History Month celebrates and highlights the achievements of GLBT people throughout the month, with a special focus on one person each day. Be sure to check in here for highlights, and to visit GLBT History Month's website each day this month to learn more about hoe GLBT people have moved history from Michelanglo to Del & Phyllis Lyon. Del and Phyllis were the first gay/lesbian couple to marry in California - Del and Phyllis were also the founders of the early lesbian group The Daughters of Bilitis. See, you just got a history lesson!

Each person(s) comes with a special video, too, so be sure to check it out, and celebrate GLBT History Month.

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Liz Hamill said...

Thank you PFLAG for this lovely site. I just wanted to submit a link to a lesser known couple in our GLBT history, Allen Tanner and Pavel Tchelitchew who were part of both circles of the Ballet Russe and Gertrude Stein in 20s Paris: