Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Parents Fight Back: A Proposition 8 Update

All of us at PFLAG know the power of parents to change hearts and minds. We were enormously proud that PFLAG’s own Sam & Julia Thoron kicked off the No on 8 campaign in California with a powerful television ad urging voters to reject attempts at rolling back rights for same-sex couples. Now, however, right-wing activists are attempting to use our families in their divisive, mean-spirited campaign to pass Proposition 8. The parents, however, are fighting back. And I hope you will fight with them. This truly is a new low in the campaign to discriminate against our families.

Below is an update from No On 8’s Geoff Kors. Please join all of us at PFLAG in helping to defeat Proposition 8 on election day. If you live in California, please vote no on Proposition 8. If you have loved ones or friends who live in the state, ask them to do the same. Early voting has started in California. And whether you vote today or November 4, please remember to vote no and stop these attacks on our families and the people we love.



“More important than the presidential election”

That’s what evangelical leader Charles W. Colson and Family Research Council President Tony Perkins said about Prop 8, calling it the “decisive last stand” in the New York Times:

“California, they say, sets cultural trends for the rest of the country and even the world. If same-sex marriage is allowed to become entrenched there, they warn, there will be no going back.”

So, they’ll stop at nothing to provoke a final tidal wave of attention and money before the election.

Last week, they tried it with an ad that reaches a new low.

Their new, horrible, abusive ad uses unauthorized images of children without their parents’ knowledge or consent. And they’re proud of it. From their website:

"Our new ad gives us great hope."

"As strong as this new ad is, however, it won't be able to reverse our downward trend in the polls if voters only see it once for every two times that they see ads from our opponents. The future of traditional marriage remains in grave, grave danger. If we aren't successful in raising a minimum of $2 million more to supplement our advertising buy for next week, we will lose. The more we can raise above $2 million, the better our chances of prevailing will be. It is as simple as that."

By contrast, we are staying true to our core values and message: Prop 8 is wrong and unfair.

We cannot be lulled into thinking that voters will see through their transparent, dirty tactics. To defeat Prop 8, we need to give more and do more.

Their goal is to raise $2 million dollars in the next few days.

They have a $1 million match on their site right now. We have every reason to believe they’ll raise $2 million today alone.

We need to match them dollar for dollar in this crucial final stretch. Donate today.

In Solidarity,

Geoff Kors
Executive Committee Member
No On Prop 8


Reuven said...

This looks like a real concern: Proposition 8 may make Polygamy legal. You have to wonder about its strange wording.

Anonymous said...

While there are strong similarities between the gay rights movement and the civil rights movement, believing that gay unions are equal to heterosexual unions and that opposition to gay marriage is equal to the discrimination of race is a misconception.

If the state legalizes gay marriage, then suddenly marriage changes from a protected belief of a small minority, to the false impression that the state (which is an extension of the people) believes that it is morally acceptable to practice homosexuality.

As individuals, law abiding homosexuals should be entitled to every inalienable right held by any heterosexual; but as couples, gay relationships no longer hold an equal stance to the synergy of a heterosexual relationship. The answer lies in procreation—the primary responsibility of a family.

The gay agenda wants to redefine marriage as simply commitment, honesty, affection, and warmth between two loving individuals. If so then it simply becomes an equal protection issue and the gay couple argues they are being discriminated against for a relationship they claim holds equal commitment and value to the heterosexual relationship. This argument breaks down because it ignores posterity and procreation. Children are what differentiate the marriage contract from all other consensual adult arrangements. The state has always had a keen interest in the bearing and rearing of children. Indeed that is why the state got in the business of registering and recognizing marriage in the first place.

The point, both legally and historically, the gay family can ONLY exist as a product of government policy and modern science, and a dependence on the natural family. It is very clear that there is no natural procreative ability between gay partners. The procreative ability between heterosexual couples is, by contrast, perfectly natural, and dates back to the start of recorded history. The natural family would continue whether the government or science became involved or not. Thus, we see that a homosexual relationship is not naturally equal to a heterosexual relationship.

The Declaration of Independence proclaims that we are endowed with unalienable rights, "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness". John Locke, called this "natural law". Natural law is not a creation or product of the state, but was to be protected by the state as these are the natural rights of all men inseparably connected to being human. Gays may argue that they are in the pursuit of liberty and happiness, yet there is no logical means by which they are naturally in the pursuit of life. Indeed we may argue that the gay movement, by its very nature, is a movement in pursuit of death, its own extinction, for without the intervention of the state and modern science, homosexuality results in the termination of posterity. Thus, from the perspective of both science and state we can see that the union of man and women, with their resulting children compared to the gay union are polar opposites both in origin and fruit.

What about couples who are infertile? Many married heterosexuals choose not to have children, and others cannot because of medical problems or physical handicaps. But gays fought furiously to convince the American Psychiatric Association to remove homosexuality from their books as a "disorder", or medical problem. The majority of the United States will now agree that homosexuality is not a medical problem or disorder. Even in perfect medical condition, a gay couple cannot procreate without the help of a third party. Therefore homosexual relationships and heterosexual relationships are inherently, and naturally, unequal. Gays should NOT shunned because of their beliefs and tendencies. Nor does this fact infringe on their God given rights. The argument is that the two relationships are very different from one another and for that reason they should be defined differently.

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