Thursday, October 30, 2008

A PFLAG 'Dawson's Creek'

The Bay Area Reporter reviews the new film Tru Loved in today's paper, and pronounces the project "a PFLAG Dawson's Creek."

Here's an excerpt from David Lamble's review:

"Writer/director Stewart Wade gives us a PFLAG Dawson's Creek in a low-key satire on the pressures faced by popular kids to satisfy their fan clubs, while staying faithful to their inner selves. Tru is recovering from the disorientation of being exiled from San Francisco to a Southland burb to satisfy the career needs of one of her gay moms (Alexandra Paul and Cyndra Williams). Shunned by the popular clique at her new school (the ironically named Walt Whitman High), Tru is at first surprised and then a tad suspicious when she's asked out by Lodell, the school's sexy and hyper-popular black jock. Lodell, himself raised by two women, an irreverent grandma (Nichelle Nichols) and an emotionally wounded single mom (Jasmine Guy), is so much the perfect gentlemen that Tru starts to question his intentions and her own freaky school image."

"Borrowing liberally from West Side Story 's attraction of opposites (Lo and Walter wind up naked together in Lo's "down-low" treehouse), Tru Loved delivers an entertaining if not especially suspenseful sermon on the new tolerance. Sadly, the filmmakers never give us a scene as incendiary and moving as Pacey's spitting in the intolerant teacher's face to protect a queer boy, Jack, in the scene that bonded so many of us to Dawson's Creek. Vernon Wells' Neanderthal football coach is virtually the only dissenting voice once Lo wins over his teammate Manuel (Joseph Julian Soria), who's uptight, but open to persuasion."

"The talented core cast, Townsend, Thompson, Olson and Abel, convince us they could actually deliver a queer, star-crossed-lovers WSS or Romeo and Juliet. Supported by Hollywood and movement veterans including openly gay professional football player David Kopay, writer/director Wade allows us to understand just how complicated the new freedoms of association can prove to be on the eve of Obama-nation."

To read the full review, visit Bay Area Reporter online. And for cities and showtimes for Tru Loved, click on the film's official website.

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