Monday, October 20, 2008

Sign for Something

The Mormon church (LDS) has been very active in drumming up support for Proposition 8 in California, that would strip away marriage equality in the Golden State. But the hierarchy's position does not reflect that of all Mormons. In fact, this weekend a group delivered letters and a petition signed by more than 400 people asking the church to stop endorsing discrimination.

The group is called Signing for Something, and their delivery of their voices to church leadership is featured in an Associated Press story. As one can see, there are many non-LGBT people, such as parents and families, who are as effected by the church's stance as LGBT people.

Andrew Callahan, of Hastings, Neb., helped lead Friday’s delivery. He said many Mormons with gay and lesbian loved ones are torn over the gay marriage issue and want very much to be heard by leadership.

“They feel like (the loved ones) should be treated fairly and evenly and equally, just like you and me, but their church tells them ‘no, they can’t be,’” he said before handing over the letters.

Steve and Linda Stay drove more than 300 miles from southern Utah to be among the protesters. Two of the nine children in the Stays’ blended family are gay. Their son, Tyler Barrick, married his partner, Spencer Jones, in San Francisco, Linda Stay said.

“This is a huge issue for us. For us, it’s a civil rights issue, not just a religious issue,” said Linda Stay. “It’s taking away their right to have the same benefits that I do.”

Be sure to read more about the good work that Signing for Something is doing in helping fight Proposition 8, and opening minds and hearts within the LDS community.

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