Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Such a Deal!

Early voting is now underway in one of the most crucial states (for 2 reasons) of 2008: Florida. As a key "battle ground" in the race for the White House, the Sunshine State plays a critical role in the political life of our country. And this year, Florida voters are also being asked to weigh in on Amendment 2, a divisive and discriminatory attempt to malign families and deny fundamental rights to our loved ones.

If you live in Florida, please vote NO on Amendment 2. And, please visit the Unity Coalition online for information on polling places where you can vote right now. A voters on guide on what to bring - and what to expect - when voting in Florida is available here.

Then, once you've cast your vote for equality (and against Amendment 2), log on and join PFLAG board member Nadine Smith in helping to convince other Floridians to do the same.

"It doesn’t matter where you live," Nadine writes over at The Advocate. "If you want to brag that you helped make history, go to votenoon2.com/countdown and join the phone bank from anywhere to help us turn out the vote. Of course, we need your money too, and we’ve made it really easy to give quickly. A few bucks now for a lifetime of bragging rights. Such a deal. "

Nadine goes on to note that Amendment 2 doesn't just impact LGBT people in the state, either.

"What the far right didn’t announce was how far-reaching the impact of the amendment would be," she writes. "Not satisfied with denying same-sex couples access to marriage, it now planned on stripping away any legal protection for unmarried Floridians, gay or straight."

In other words, extremist activists in Florida have decided it's OK to discriminate against every family if, in the process, they can discriminate against ours.

That's just wrong. And that's why it is so important that PFLAGers in Florida vote now, and vote to stop this unfair and unconscionable attack on our families . . . while weighing in, of course, on the Presidential and Congressional races, too.

So please, click here to learn about early voting . . . here to find out what to expect when you get there . . . and here to help make history in Florida as we stand up for our families and beat back those who believe that some Floridians are more deserving of dignity and respect than other.

Three simple steps that can make all the difference in the world . . . . such a deal!

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