Wednesday, October 29, 2008

True to His Faith

Earlier this month we blogged about Father Geoffrey Farrow, a Catholic priest in Fresno, California. To the surprise of many, Farrow began his sermon by speaking out against Proposition 8, which would strip away marriage equality in his state. Then, he came out as a gay man himself.

So what became of Father Farrow?

He has not been fired or disciplined yet, but with his many speaking engagements recently urging people to vote no on Prop 8, he expects that day will come.

The Los Angeles Times asks the question
many of us have wondered: "So why not just quit his job rather than wait to get fired?"

Farrow said he still sees the church as home, and believes his new mission is to force this issue whether he's wearing a collar or not. "They said I've caused scandal to the church," he said. 'I think the real scandal is the thousands of gay and lesbian children who feel abandoned by the church of their baptism.'

Farrow... had his epiphany when he was asked by a Prop. 8 supporter in Fresno to speak up in favor of the measure. He knew he couldn't and that in fact he had to do just the opposite.
"I am morally compelled to vote no on Proposition 8," he told his congregation, saying he had to break "a numbing silence" about church prejudice against homosexuals.

Be sure to read more insights into this priest who took the daring step to not only speak out for fairness and equality, but to be true to himself and come out.

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