Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Wedding Planners With the Most Control

Dr. Kathryn Hall, a member of PFLAG's Tulare-Kings County chapter, shared her thoughts on Proposition 8 - the ballot measure that would roll-back marriage equality in California - in yesterday's Visalia Times-Delta. Calling on voters to defeat the initiative, Dr. Hall recounts her own love story of 30 years ago, and that of her daughter, Corinne, today.

Here's an excerpt from Dr. Hall's op-ed:

Thirty years ago I fell in love deeply and devotedly. Corinne was my firstborn, and to me she was perfect in every way, even down to the adorable casts to correct her club feet. And I fell in love again and yet again when her brother and sister were born. My greatest ambition has always been to see my children grow into happy, healthy, responsible adults, and that hope was realized this summer at the joyous celebration of my son's wedding.

Now Corinne has fallen in love and will be married next summer during our family reunion. As her mother I have the great happiness of helping plan the wedding, assisted by the facility event planner, family members and millions of others.

California voters, you see, are actually the wedding planners with the most control. They will decide whether or not to deny my daughter, and so many other Californians, the right to marry whom they love. And as a parent, it seems strange that so many people who do not know my child can have such an effect on her life — after all, neither she nor her brother asked my permission before they became engaged. They are old enough and responsible enough to make these decisions on their own, without maternal or governmental interference. That's why Proposition 8 is so wrong, and why a no vote is so important. . . .

. . . Stand up for our children, and again this unwarranted intrusion into our personal lives, by voting no on Proposition 8. Give my daughter, Corinne, the best birthday present she could ever want. We will all be grateful.

To read the full op-ed, visit the Visalia Times-Delta online, where you can also comment on Dr. Hall's column.