Monday, November 24, 2008

Just a "Plain Old Married Couple"

They've been together since October 15, 1974. And this year, on October 15, David Grice and John Naylor [pictured] tied the knot in Presidio park in San Diego, California. Despite the disappointing outcome of Proposition 8, their marriage is considered valid as it took place before the election.

Today in Savannah, Georgia's The Savannah Morning News catch a glimpse in the lives of a self-proclaimed "plain of married couple" living back in Georgia - with their California marriage license. And while Georgia and the U.S. federal government might not recognize their marriage, they feel it has given them finally the right to be the "plain old" couple with the added recognition of a legal marriage certificate.

Read more about David and John's wedding in California. Hopefully in time the door will be opened again for more couples to wed once again in California!

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Anonymous said...

What a sweet story and not much unlike my husband and I (only we've only been together 12 years). We also went to CA and got married this summer only to return to Oklahoma to a loving supportive United Methodist Church family. We had a wonderful reception at the church where we shared our wedding day pictures and our relationship was affirmed and celebrated by family and friends. In spite of the recent setbacks we do believe that eventually the right to marry will become the "human rights" issue that it is for all to enjoy.