Thursday, November 20, 2008

Live Chat Event: A Conversation with Anti-Amendment Leaders

In the wake of our community's disappointing ballot measure losses in California, Florida and Arizona, many people have asked: What lessons can we learn from our election day experience? And what happens next?

Tonight, three leaders of the campaigns to defeat anti-marriage amendments will answer those questions - and more - as part of a live-blog event at The Bilerico Project.

Bilerico readers will be able to chat with Kate Kendall, who helped spearhead efforts against California's Proposition 8 . . . our own PFLAG board member Nadine Smith (pictured), who led the fight in Florida . . . and Barbara McCullough-Jones, who was on the frontlines of the battle in Arizona.

"They'll take your questions and comments about Prop 8, Amendment 2, and Prop 102, the recent protests, and what went wrong," Bilerico founder Bil Browning says. "Best of all, we'll talk about where we go from here."

The conversation starts at 7pm ET tonight. To join in, visit The Bilerico Project online.

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