Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Mix of Sadess and Hope

With the victory last night of Barack Obama also came the anti-marriage equaltiy ballot initiatives that passed in both Florida and Arizona. Arkansas voter passed an anti-gay bill that restricts unmarried couples from adopting or foster parenting.

California currently hangs in the balance. While the outlook is not certain, anti-marriage votes seem to be leading and many are predicting that Proposition 8 will pass and enshrine discrimination into California's constitution.

However, there are as many as 3 million ballots that have not been counted at this moment. There still may be time for hope. PFLAG National's executive director, Jody Huckaby, released this statement this afternoon:

“PFLAG’s core mission of support, education and advocacy for our LGBT loved ones is more critical than ever,” said Jody M. Huckaby, the group’s executive director. “Though we fell short of protecting our families on this election day in three states, we are hopeful for marriage equality to prevail in California. PFLAG parents and allies shared their stories, talked about their loved ones and made personal appeals to voters in three states, making a significant difference. As we move forward and continue that work, we can build a critical mass of support that will be invaluable in future fights, too.”

“Despite some setbacks, millions of people voted with us, and against discrimination, and we will work to grow that coalition of allies and move equality forward.” Huckaby said. “We are watching California closely and we must not be deterred from continuing to work for full equality for LGBT Americans,”

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