Friday, November 7, 2008

Moving Forward After "Tuesday's Rights-Shredding Exercise"

Yesterday's New York Times included a moving lead editorial about the fight for LGBT equality . . . Tuesday's set-back at the ballot box on LGBT ballot initiatives. . . and our nation's "winding path" to recognizing and respecting fundamental rights for minorities.

Following disappointing results on ballot measures in several states, the Times wrote that, "We do not view these results as reason for despair. Struggles over civil rights never follow a straight trajectory, and the ugly outcome of these ballot fights should not obscure the building momentum for full equality for gay people, including acceptance of marriage between gay men and women. But the votes remind us of how much remains to be done before this bigotry is finally erased."

"Even as the nation shattered one barrier of intolerance [on election night]," the editorial board noted, "we were disappointed that voters in four states chose to reinforce another."

Nothing that passage of Proposition 8 in California would create legal uncertainty for couples previously married in the state, the Times concludeed that the measure there, and in other states, sets a far more troubling precedent wherein "the immediate impact of Tuesday’s rights-shredding exercise is to underscore the danger of allowing the ballot box to be used to take away people’s fundamental rights."

To read the full New York Times editorial, click here.

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