Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A New Resource for Latino Families from PFLAG & The Unity Coalition

There is a new, invaluable resource for Latino and other Spanish-speaking families and LGBT people searching for information and organizations serving their communities.

Florida's Unity Coalition, based in Miami, has announced the first-ever National Latino and Hispanic LGBT Resources Center Hotline –the first ever of its kind- which is being implemented in unison with PFLAG and a network of other organizations from coast to coast that will solidify the resources available but often overlooked or not known to smaller communities.

As a service to family members and allies seeking resources as well, the Unity Coalition has partnered with PFLAG to ensure programming, resources and contacts are available which address the unique needs of loved ones seeking information on coming out, support and other issues. With more than 500 chapters and affiliates throughout the country - including a diverse PFLAG network reaching the Latino/a, Haitian, Creole, Asian-American and African-American communities - PFLAG is available to provide confidential and supportive resources at the local level. The Unity Coalition's hotline will be able to make critical connections between families in need and the trusted support available from PFLAG nationally.

"Unity Coalition / CoaliciĆ³n Unida looks to the community and its resources to improve the quality of life for all Americans, offers the leadership to reach Equality for all, and invites the nations’ LGBT leaders & organizations to join in our vision," the organization said in announcing the new hotline, adding that the group will "offer our existing and up and coming leaders the tools needed to reach true EQUALITY FOR ALL in the U.S."

For more information on this new project, click here.

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young mexican girl said...

I am glad this was organized. This is a great help for us, for my family and fellow Latinos.