Friday, November 21, 2008

PFLAG Talks to USA Today About Post-Election Priorities and Strategy

In today's paper, USA Today reporter Andrea Stone looks at the future of LGBT advocacy - including priorities for the movement and the fight for marriage equality - following ballot measures on election day that rolled back rights for same-sex couples in California and amended the constitution in Florida and Arizona to discriminate against our families.

"Gay rights activists are re-thinking their political strategy," Stone writes, noting that federal legislative issues, such as employment non-discrimination and hate crimes, may move to the top of the list, especially given President-elect Barack Obama's strong support for both measures and because of a re-energized, pro-equality majority in Congress.

"There will be some hard questions asked about where marriage ranks on the list of possibilities and priorities," PFLAG told Stone, who also noted that "PFLAG plans programs . . . in January in California, New York and Iowa in which parents of gays will talk to members of their chuches, especially in minority communities where opposition to same-sex marriage is strong."

That effort will be part of a renewed focus by PFLAG, as part of our faith program, to bring together parents, faith community leaders and local congregants for a tough but necessary conversation about what it means to be a person of faith . . . and a person who embraces fairness. PFLAG's efforts will "focus on education to sway not only lawmakers but the public," Stone writes.

To read the full USA Today report, click here. And leave your thoughts, here in the comments section, about new priorities, possibilities and strategies for the LGBT movement.

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