Monday, November 3, 2008

Protect the Constitution: Vote NO in Connecticut

This morning's Boston Globe notes that, while voters consider anti-equality ballot initiatives in four states tomorrow, a similar though somewhat different battle is shaping up in Connecticut, where the state's recent recognition of marriage equality for all couples could be in jeopardy, depending on the outcome of a vote on tomorrow's ballot.

Connecticut voters will be asked tomorrow to decide if the state should convene a constitutional convention, which could lead to a move to roll-back marriage equality in the states. Our allies in Connecticut are urging voters to vote NO on the constitutional convention question on election day.

"Jeffrey Busch of Wilton [one of the couples who successfully won marriage equality there], said the constitutional convention question 'has cast a pall' over his family," the Globe reports. "Busch and his longtime partner, Stephen Davis, have been planning to get married since the state's high court handed down its decision on Oct. 10."

"We were just walking on air," Busch said. But he said now, when they see signs at their local Catholic church urging people to vote for the convention, "it feels threatening."

"It's absolutely been an emotional roller coaster," said Anne Stanback, executive director of Love Makes A Family, a group that has been [working on behalf of] same-sex marriage in Connecticut for years.

"There was joy and excitement on decision day," Stanback said, "but we couldn't fully celebrate. We knew we needed to really dig in to defeat this."

If you are a Connecticut voter, please vote NO on Question 1, the constitutional convention, when you head to the polls tomorrow. And for more information on the campaign being led by our friends in the state, click here.

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