Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Step Into 'The Blend' for Election Night Coverage & Debate

In just a few hours, the 2008 election season will come to an end, and our country will know who our next commander-in-chief will be . . . who will be our new elected representatives in Congress . . . and whether voters have rejected anti-family ballot measures in California, Florida, Arizon and Arkansas. By all accounts, tonight will be an exciting, historic and memorable evening in American politics, and the outcome of today's vote will shape policies and laws for our families for years to come.

PFLAGers are invited to join blogger-extraordinaire Pam Spaulding tonight at Pam's House Blend for incoming election results, and a lively debate on the 2008 race. Pam will report results as they come in, cover critical Congressional races and give Blenders the latest news on ballot initiatives in the 4 states LGBT voters, and our allies, are watching so closely today.

To join the conversation, click here, and leave your thoughts and observations throughout the evening here in the comments section of the PFLAG blog, too.

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