Saturday, November 8, 2008

Two Wrongs Do Not Make A Right

All of us at PFLAG work hard, every day, to ensure that every member of our family is embraced and respected. We are in hundreds of communities across the country, and we know that our families are diverse, and include people of many different racial, religious, ethnic and gender-variant backgrounds. And we recognize that, in order to achieve full equality for everyone, we must all come together as a movement for change.

In the days following the passage of Proposition 8, we have been alarmed, and dismayed, by some of the rhetoric on both sides of the issue of marriage equality. While we understand and feel the horrible pain of having our rights and the rights of our children and loved ones eliminated, we reject the deplorable displays of racism, especially, against the African-American and Latino communities, that have taken place at some Proposition 8 protests. Such behavior is beneath us, and does nothing to move equality forward for our families. Promulgating prejudice against others only divides our community and is not an answer to fighting the discrimination we face ourselves.

We have many allies in the African-American and Latino communities. The late Coretta Scott King, a civil rights icon, stood with us in our fight for full marriage equality. And Mildred Loving, who broke down barriers faced by inter-racial couples in our country, spoke out about the sanctity of our relationships, too. Many members of many communities have made our own movement stronger, and we must respect their legacies, too, which are dishonored by the events in California over the past few days.

PFLAG’s vision of creating a society in which we celebrate diversity is one that is shared across cultures. We know that we all must do much more in partnership within communities of color to achieve our common goals.

As we move forward and work to reverse the discriminatory policies and laws that create second-class citizenship for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans, we must also work to bring together, and not tear apart, everyone who believes in the dignity of every person. California, our community and our country are better than what we have seen and heard in the news and on the streets. Two wrongs do not make a right, and we must stand together as one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all once more.

- Jody M. Huckaby


NG said...

With all due respect, you need to step back. We lost because too many people were tepid and lackadaiscal and lazy with respect to the campaign.

While everyone on the Yes On 8 side stepped it up, the GLBT leadership stepped out.

Any negative criticism being levied toward minorities, political and religious allies are a result of such.

Anonymous said...

Great post Jody !

I'm a mother of three adult Gay children, and I for one, will be out there protesting, until my Gay children are given the same legal rights as everyone else.

And I will be doing it in a respectful, gentle, and loving manner, because as you pointed out, this is about bringing everyone together as a whole, everyone supporting one another in assuring every human being on this planet, regardless of their gender, race, or sexual orientation, is being treated fairly, and unforunately right now, they're not being treated fairly.

Right now there are lots of people being discriminated against for being Gay.

It is heartbreaking to me.

All I can say is this: Anyone that feels comfortable and justified in discriminating against another human being, and on a more personal note, feels comfortable with discriminating against my three Gay children, I respectfully ask that you please reconsider your stance on this topic.

Everyone deserves to be treated fairly.

Everyone deserves to have the same legal rights.

Everyone deserves to love, and be loved.

Everyone deserves to marry the person of their choice, and everyone deserves to have their marriage viewed as a valid union.

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect.


This world has no room for discrimination. Please say NO to discrimination of any kind.

Mother of three wonderful & special Gay human beings

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