Monday, November 10, 2008

"Yes, He Can."

PFLAG National board member Walter Schubert (pictured) has a post-election blog entry up at the Gay Financial Network site, looking at the promise that is presented by President-Elect Obama's new administration and the struggle for marriage equality in America.

"Its was an historic day for all African Americans to have elected an African American president….but despite his statements that he does not believe in same sex marriage, I ask can he see the misguided way of his thinking on this issue," Schubert writes. "To this I say ‘yes he can.'"

"Can President Obama guide the African American and Hispanic faith based communities into an understanding that we are all children of God and equally deserving of his love?," he asks. "I believe he can…I say ‘yes he can.'"

"Is President Obama willing to spend some of this landslide political capital on abolishing 'Don’t ask Don’t Tell?' I believe he can. Will President Obama and the Democratic Party with clear majorities in both houses bring and pass legislation granting all LGBT American’s the right to marry their own love of their lives? I believe they can."

"To all of the above, the tears in my eyes say 'Yes he can…yes he can…yes he can . . . "

To read Walter's full blog entry, visit the GFN website, here.

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