Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Attention Writers: "Step Into My Shoes"

Tonja Bagwell, over at shared some information with me this week about an LGBT anthology that Jafansta is working on - and they are inviting PFLAGers to share an submit. For those with literary aspirations, here are the details...

Jafansta, Inc., will be publishing an anthology that will feature poetry and other forms of creative expressions from the LGBT population. The purpose of the anthology will be to provide a voice for misunderstood and ostracized populations in society. The voice will be your self-expression about anything you choose to write about. You may express yourself through poetry, prose, essays, narratives, letters, songs, or quotes. Your written word will convey your message to others with hopes that they will better understand your thoughts, feelings, and your life as a member or supporter of the LGBT community.

The anthology will be one in a series of anthologies entitled "Step Into My Shoes." The subtitle for this anthology is not yet finalized. We will not accept derogatory expressions that will degrade or ostracize the featured population in any way. Your expressions can be serious or humorous.

The main purpose is to allow you to express yourself as a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender person or a friend, family member or supporter, so others will know and understand your plight as a member of the LGBT population. We want to know your feelings and thoughts and your joys and sorrows. Give insight into your life as a son, daughter, mother, father, brother, sister, husband, wife, employee, employer, student, teacher, religious person, political person, and any other role you have that affects your sexual identity. If you are still in the closet, you can express your thoughts and feelings about living as a “straight” person.

Your submissions can be anonymous. If you would like to have credit given to your work, you must submit your name and contact information. Please include the following information with your submission: age; gender; sexual identity, i.e. lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender; relationship or marital status; and occupation.

There is no fee to submit work. The publisher has the right to choose which expressions are suitable for publishing. Your work will be copyrighted under Jafansta, Inc., and published with your permission. You will retain all rights to your work. Submissions are accepted from anywhere in the world. You may submit your work via email to or via regular mail

Jafansta, Inc.
47448 Pontiac Trail, Suite 144
Wixom, Michigan 48393

Please visit for more information.


Anonymous said...

When will the anthology be published?

aliya seen said...

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