Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Coming Together in Utah

This weekend past, more than 100 people converged on the Tower Theater in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah to discuss the future of LGBT equality in the Beehive State.

The rainbow patchwork of various groups from across the state was described in The Salt Lake Tribune today: "The forum was a rare opportunity for virtually every gay rights group, from Equality Utah and the Log Cabin Republicans to the Queer People of Color Network, to collaborate and solicit new ideas. The top priority: Equality Utah's Common Ground initiative, a collection of six bills aimed at the 2009 legislative session that would enhance legal protections offered to LGBT Utahns."

"Rep. Christine Johnson, [who I had the pleasure of meeting at a fundraiser here in Washington, last year] an openly gay Democrat from Salt Lake City, called it inspiring to see 'this many people … who actually give a damn.' And she hopes the momentum translates into action at the upcoming Legislature... 'If you are intimidated to come up to the hill, if you think it's a big deal to talk to a legislator, it's really not.'"

Read more about the LGBT town hall gathering here, and click here to see the various PFLAG chapters that offer support, education and advocacy in Utah.

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