Friday, December 19, 2008

A Good Step Forward in Phoenix

Yesterday, the Phoenix, Arizona City Council approved a resolution to create a domestic partnership, reports OnTop Magazine.

The purpose of the registry is to allow gay couples the right to hospital visitation and visitation in other health care facilities. Last month during the elections, Arizona unfortunately joined Florida in passing a state constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality. This new measure will allow gay residents of Phoenix at least the basic human right of hospital visitation of loved ones in care.

Steve Ralls, our director of communications, told OnTop, “It is possible that domestic partnerships, civil unions and other recognition can be used to educate voters about the rights and benefits that have been stripped away from so many people because of those amendments."

Openly gay Phoenix Councilman, Tom Simplot, added, “It boils down to a basic human right, and as we enter this holiday season, the issue is even more pronounced... If you are sick or injured and lying in a hospital bed, you should have the right to have your significant other at your bedside.”

Read the full story here.

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