Friday, December 12, 2008

New Jersey's Governor: It's Time For Marriage Equality

On Wednesday New Jersey's Civil Union Review Commission released a report that New Jersey's civil unions are not fully equal to marriage, and urged the state to grant full marriage equality to all of its citizens.

And today, New Jersey's governor Jon Corzine is urging the state's legislature to "seriously review" the report and establish marriage equality "sooner than later."

Gov. Corzine went on to add, "...civil unions may have widened that gap and fostered inequity by creating a separate class of relationships... it's clear that this issue of civil rights must be addressed sooner rather than later."

While it remains unclear if the legislature will take up the issue, Corzine has vowed to sign marriage equality into law once it reaches his desk.

Assembly Speaker Joseph Roberts (D-Camden) said the report "should spark a renewed sense of purpose and urgency to overcoming one of society's last remaining barriers to full equality for all residents. As I have said many times before, same-sex marriage in New Jersey is only a matter of 'when,' not 'if.'"

And when marriage equality comes to the Garden State, we will break the news here on the PFLAG Blog so keep checking back for updates on marriage equality in every state.

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