Monday, December 15, 2008

Welcoming Rabbi Horowitz

Wendy Horowitz dropped a giant, neon, blazing hint when she told her parents she was joining the gay and lesbian organization at Ohio State.

Her father, retired Temple Israel Rabbi David Horowitz, thought it was great she was supporting her gay friends.

When his daughter eventually was blunter about her sexual orientation, Horowitz and his wife, Toby, were stunned. They cried and begged her to get counseling.

''I may need that,'' Wendy told them, ''but not because I'm gay.''

That was over a decade ago, in 1990. Flash forward to 2008 when, last month, Rabbi David Horowitz became our Vice President of PFLAG National. In that time Rabbi Horowitz has dedicated himself to support, education and advocacy for the LGBT community. And you can read about it in The Akron Beacon Journal's feature this from this weekend.

We wish to extend a warm welcome to Rabbi Horowitz to his new position and for helping us move equality forward!

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