Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jindal's Latest Attack on Louisiana's Families

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is often cited as a rising star in Republican politics. One of the party's most visible state executives, he has worked hard to endear himself to the GOP faithful, and has been widely mentioned as a possible White House candidate in 2012. And, true to form for some of those who seek to carry the Republican mantle on a national ticket, he is already beginning to pander to the most extreme factions of his party and his state.

In December, Jindal announced the formation of the Louisiana Commission on Marriage and Family, billed as "an entity within the executive department that serves to propose programs, policies, incentives and curriculum regarding marriage and family by collecting and analyzing data on the social and personal effects of marriage and child-bearing within the state of Louisiana."

In other words, Jindal's Commission is going to be looking at - and making recommendations regarding - marriage and family issues within the state. And a quick look at some of those appointed by the Governor to serve on the panel leaves no doubt that, in the end, the line-up will do nothing more than promote an extreme, anti-gay agenda that sets back, blocks and battles any attempts to recognize or respect Louisiana's same-sex families.

Among those who have been appointed by Jindal to serve on the Commission are Tony Perkins (who hails from Baton Rouge), the president of the anti-gay advocacy group known as The Family Research Council . . . Gene Mills, executive director of the far-right Louisiana Family Forum . . . Mike Johnson, senior legal counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund . . . and numerous members of the clergy. All, Jindal has said, "have significant academic and/or professional expertise" on issues of marriage and family.

And each has a long history of spouting anti-gay rhetoric, too.

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Anonymous said...

Here's a reprint of the research and post I did the other day at Pam's House Blend detailing the members of the Marriage and Family Commission.
(sorry about the formating not transferring over)

A small correction. The Commission was already established before Jindal was elected....it just didn't do anything, plus it took Jindal to fill most of the positions.

One thing is for certain...this Commission has no intention of recognizing let alone supporting LGBT families.

Who are these guys? (4.00 / 3)
Long enough for a diary posting, but can't figure it out. So here goes.
So who are these guys?
This is just too much. So who are these folks on the Louisiana Marriage and Family Commission? Hey look no further than Tony Perkins; ADF lawyer Johnson; Louisiana Family Forum head, Mills; 3 Baptist Ministers; 1 Christian Counselor; 1 head of a Baptist anti-choice pregnancy center; Head of Louisiana's abstinence program; a homeschooling mom; 3 republican elected officals with high ratings from Louisiana Family Forum; 1 head of Baptist Women's Ministries; plus the law professor who wrote Louisiana's recent Covenant Marriage Law.

Oh, yeah...

They serve only as advisory to the Govenor. The Legislature would have to pass a law. The Marriage and Family Commission has been inactive for a long time. Jindal made 20 appointments recently to fill the Commission last October. Time to get busy he thinks.

List of Commissioners: http://www.legis.state.la.us/b...
Link to Jinal Office Press release...short cut list of commissioners just appointed: http://gov.louisiana.gov/index...
Good article: http://www.nola.com/news/index...

Rev. Chris H. Andrews, United Methodist Church, is quoted in the nola article as saying, "He will resist any attempts to reduce the likelihood that a child might be adopted."
Thomas A. Barfield, Jr. is the director of the Louisiana Workforce Commission and is an ex-officio commission member.
Neil J. Bernard is pastor of the New Wine Christian Fellowship. "We believe that the family is the most important unit in society." So that means they support all families, including LGBT ones. Oh wait, here's the rest of the quote, "therefore are committed to restoring biblical families."
Sen. Sharon Weston Broome (D) President Pro Tem and author of Healthy Marriage Initiative AND supported the issues of Louisiana Family Forum 78% of the time.
Sen. A.G. Crowe (R) Supported the issues of Louisiana Family Forum 100%. Gee, wonder how he feels about LGBT families?
Penny Dastugue is a member of the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education and serves as chairwoman of the Finance Committee.
Heather L. Doss is the COO of Flex Med Medical Staffing & Training, a healthcare staffing company. Co-owner sister donated to Fred Thompson. Gee, wonder how Flex Med manages Bush's medical provider opt out for moral reasons in their temp staff?
Rev. Wayne L. DuBose is counselor and pastor at First Baptist Church in Minden. Gee, wonder how he feels about LGBT families? http://www.firstminden.org/
Rep. Brett F. Geymann (R) supported Louisiana Family Forum 100%.
Michelle W. Ghetti is a law professor at Southern University Law Center. Couldn't find much about her views, but did find a letter she signed in support of Judge Alito for SCOTUS and she is listed under a "Find a Republican Lawyer" site.
Rep. Frank Hoffmann (R) supported Louisiana Family Forum 79%.
J. Michael Johnson is Senior Legal Counsel for Alliance Defense Fund. If you can stand it, read his bio over at Townhall....any guesses how he feels about LGBT families?
Daniel C Kirk is the Program Manager for the Governor's Program on Abstinence. Oh yeah, lot's of support for GLBT youth here I'm sure.
Jerri Ann Ledoux is a homeschooling mother. LeDoux will represent the interests and concerns of two-parent families, as required by statute. Gee, I wonder how she feels about LGBT families? Kirk was one of Jindal's campaign managers.
Alan Levine is the Jindal newly appointed head of Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals. Before this appointment he was chief executive of Broward Health, a five-hospital public health system in south Florida. Who knows?
Fred Lynn Lowery is the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church. His new book on Covenant Marriage is on the home page. He's a radio evangelist....Gee, I wonder how he feels about LGBT families?
Theogene A. Mills aka Gene, is head of Louisiana Family forum. He used to be a Housing Lobbyist as I could find the record of Housing Meeting where he asked for extension for filing his Lobbying Report. Gee, I wonder how he feels about GLBT families?
Sue Morrill is a children's ministry coordinator with The Chapel on the Campus, a non-denominational church. Morrill will serve as a representative of single-parent families, as required by statute. Hum, campus outreach, yet represents single parent families...does she support this craziness?
Alison Neustrom is Assistant Secretary of Office of Family Support in the Louisiana Department of Social Services. Specialty is low income families.
Paul G. Pastorek is Superintendent of Louisiana Department of Education. Hopefully he doesn't buy this crap.
Anthony R. "Tony" Perkins is not a friend of GLBT families. Any question?
Dana Reichert is the prior Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) Director for the State of Louisiana. Her specialty is low income families...Does she go along with this craziness?
Dino Louis Rizzo is Pastor of Healing Place Church a huge organization and growing with the goal of one new church every 12 days. Here's direct quote from their Family and Baby Dedication page: "We believe, according to God's Word, that God's plan for marriage is for a man and a woman to leave and cleave and become one flesh in a Covenant Relationship."
Gee, I wonder how he feels about GLBT families?
Susan W. Sonnier, just appointed Deputy Secretary of Louisiana Department of Social Services.
Katherine S. Spaht teaches family law at LSU. She helped write LA's Covenant Marriage Law. Here's the first sentence of the Covenant contract: "We do solemnly declare that marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman who agree to live together as husband and wife for so long as they both may live." Gee, I wonder how she feels about LGBT families? Judging from her political contributions, she's a blue dog D through and through.
Murphy Toerner owns Murphy Toerner and Associates, a Christian Counseling and Coaching Service. She's a state licensed marriage and family therapist who signs all her web statements with, "Besides you in Christ." Gee, wonder how she feels about GLBT families?
Dorothy H. Wallis runs the anti-choice pregnancy crisis-like center, "Caring to Love Ministries" with her husband....Gee, wonder how she feels about GLBT families?
Janie R. Wise is head of Louisiana Baptist Church's "Women's Missions and Ministries".
Gee, wonder how she feels about GLBT families?

The tally:
16 Anti-gay: Neil J. Bernard, Sen. A.G. Crowe, Rev. Wayne L. DuBose, Rep. Brett F. Geymann, Rep. Frank Hoffmann, Michael Johnson, Daniel C Kirk, Jerri Ann Ledoux, Fred Lynn Lowery, Theogene A. Mills, Tony Perkins, Dino Louis Rizzo, Katherine S. Spaht, MurphyToerner, Dorothy H. Wallis, Janie R. Wise

1 Gay-friendly: Rev. Chris H. Andrews

9 Unknown: Sen. Sharon Weston Broome, Penny Dastugue, Heather L. Doss, Michelle W. Ghett, Alan Levine, Sue Morrill, Alison Neustrom, Dana Reichert, Susan W. Sonnier

phil said...

Wow too many anti-gay politicians. I still believe that love is universal. People should respect other people who are in love. But also, divorce is universal (in countries that allow it). Remember, you have to be happy to be alive. If you can't take the heat, pack your things and get a good san diego divorce lawyer. Don't sacrifice happiness. This also applies to same sex couples.

Caitlin at Buy Backlinks said...

It amuses me that there are politicians who does not respect equal rights. If two people are in love, I believe their decisions should be respected. If all of our officials would be like this, it is not going to do us any good. There are more important issues that should be resolved. Not this.

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