Friday, January 23, 2009

PFLAG 'Prayers' Around the Country

This weekend, join PFLAG and Lifetime to celebrate the release of Prayers for Bobby, the powerful new film starring Sigourney Weaver, Ryan Kelly and Scott Bailey.

Prayers is the true story of Mary Griffith, a devoutly religious mother who struggles to accept her son, Bobby, when he comes out as a young gay man. Following a tragic turn in Bobby’s life, Mary begins an incredible journey toward embracing the gay community . . . with a little help from PFLAG along the way.

This Saturday and Sunday, PFLAG supporters across the country will gather to watch Prayers and talk about the role PFLAG played in the life of Mary Griffith and countless other parents with LGBT loved ones. Cast members will join PFLAG in Dayton, Ohio; Washington, D.C.; and Detroit for premiere events. And PFLAG chapters and supporters in other cities will also gather to discuss Prayers and their own work to help the Mary Griffiths of the world on their journeys, too.

Please join us for one of these upcoming viewing parties:

Washington, D.C. – January 24th @ 5pm & 7:30pm

Join star Scott Bailey for the official PFLAG National reception at the home of C. Dixon Osburn and Jeremy Hodder. Hundreds of PFLAG supporters are expected to turn out for a festive celebration of Prayers and an exclusive Q & A with Scott. To RSVP, please email

(Please note the 5pm reception is completely booked and only 7:30pm slots are currently available.)

For a special look inside the making of Prayers, read Scott’s guest post on the PFLAG blog, here.

Dayton, Ohio – January 25th @ 3pm

Join PFLAG Dayton and actor Ryan Kelley (Bobby in Prayers) for an afternoon reception at Cross Creek Community Church to learn more about Kelley’s experience with the film, and his own thoughts on the power of PFLAG. To RSVP, please email

(Please note that seating is limited, and available only on a first come-first serve basis.)

Detroit, Michigan – January 24th from 4-11pm

Join PFLAG Detroit for a special viewing party on Saturday evening with local cast members from Prayers. Raffles and prizes will be awarded throughout the evening, with appearances from PFLAG supporters who appear in the film! For more information, or to RSVP, email

Winston-Salem, North Carolina – January 24th @ 9pm

PFLAG of Winston-Salem's Interfaith Coalition will host a Viewing Party for Prayers for Bobby on Jan. 24th in the Lower Auditorium of Wingate Hall on the Campus of Wake Forest University. Seating is limited to around 100 people. For more information email or

Be sure to visit our listing of other viewing parties (including parties in Nashville, Fort Worth, Key West and more).

For more information on upcoming events, visit the PFLAG National Blog, as well as the Prayers page on the PFLAG website, here.

Then, make plans to join us this weekend as we celebrate the premiere of Prayers for Bobby!


Patrick Yaeger said...

Prayers for Bobby was deeply moving. I balled throughout. Thanks to all who brought this tragic yet ultimately redemptive story to the film. I wish Bobby were still with us. No matter how much good has come from his suicide, the world would surely be a better place with him in it now. :( Thank you Bobby for trying so hard to find your way. We, many of us, would liked to have known you and give you that hug your mother gave symbolically to your spirit at the end of the film. But for the grace of my own unique circumstances would I have lost all hope too. Be at peace.

Xanapus said...

I didn't know this movie was made and it was shared with me this morning on my books facebook page as a link to a video on YouTube. Naturally I had to watch it and I was so moved that it is all I've been thinking about the whole day.

I just wanted to say that my heart goes out to Mary and that even though it is sad that Bobby died, his death didn't go in vein because she kept asking questions and didn't give up until she finally realized that Bobby was born gay and that there was nothing to change. I love that she became an advocate and activist for gay rights.

As I said, I can't stop thinking about this story. I walked to the store for some ice cream and on my way home I was thinking about the ending when she hugged Bobby, or who she thought was Bobby, and I just started bawling. I had to stop and compose myself so I could get home.

This was such an inspiring and emotional story and I thank you for sharing it.

Michel McDonald