Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Prayers for Bobby: The Trailer

Lifetime Television has just released the trailer for 'Prayers for Bobby,' premiering January 24th. For more information on upcoming events with PFLAG and the film's stars, click here and here.


SickNTired said...

I look forward to watching this movie, however I really can't feel anything for Bobby's mother. And since this movie is on lifetime, its is all about her, since all movies on lifetime deal with women period.

She cause her son to take is own life. No matter what, she failed as a mother. As usual we the gay community is not welcoming her with huge open arms.

If bobby was still live and gay, would she still be the same as she was then???

Elise said...


The movie's not really about Bobby's mother or about Bobby. It's about the many many women who might see the movie and recognize some of their own bigotries...and perhaps transcend them.

I don't think the movie (based on the trailer; I haven't seen the whole film) is asking us to feel for Bobby's mother. It's asking us to feel for Bobby, to be angry at his mother and her limitations, and hope that she'll transcend them. Looks like, towards the end, she's beginning to do just that.

For every parent who has gone through something as cathartic as the death of a child in the process of his/her coming out (even when the parent caused it), there are more who eventually came to acceptance and understanding.

If a movie like this had been on Lifetime in the 80s, we'd be just that much farther along now. Lifetime is the mainstream. The Mainstream is starting to deal with gay issues. Is that bad?

Would you rather that all of Cable TV be the 700 Club and Jerry Falwell? Would that be better?

Somehow, I think not.

Elise in NH
(straight but not narrow)
friend and high school teacher of many, many gays and lesbians over the years...

Anonymous said...

I've just watched the movie having access to the press kit.
It's not a typical Lifetime movie. It's not just about the mother, but about the whole family. We see a clash between her principles and her son where she finds out too late what's most important in life. It's a message that everybody should pay attention to and a movie I highly recommend everybody see.

Anonymous said...

This movie looks fabulous!

Anonymous said...

i had watch prayers for bobby last week and it had brought me to tears it was a great and wounderful movie it tells how it is to be gay and live in this 20yrs old and im gay when i came out to every one that i was gay it took them awhile to accept me for who i was and this movie had showed the true meaning of family and friends that no matter what you are gay straight bi transgender lesbian as long as your happy thats what matter the most and and im so happy that they came out with a movie prayer for bobby

Jude Rene Montarsi said...

Well, I was impressed with the work of all the actors. It was a very good story--showing the complexity of middle-class life and the issue in America during Reagan years as the Aids epidemic was on the rise. I think it portrayed clearly the problems that blind adherence to religious faith can cause--that need for a nice orderly universe--and how that poses problems for the children of parents of that generation--and still to this day. It was refreshing to see this film. It was LONG OVERDUE on national television. Good work, everyone.

Lynne said...

Hi, I just watched, "Prayers for B obby" on Lifetime Move Network. I cryed for all the Lesbian, Gay, and Transgendered Kids and Adults who have been cast out by their families. Every Church in the World needs to show this movie to their congregation!
How do I get a copy of this movie? Can I buy It?

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