Sunday, January 25, 2009

'Prayers' & Recruiting in Washington, D.C.

"I'm Scott Bailey, and I'm here to recruit you."

Borrowing a popular line from gay icon Harvey Milk, one of the stars of Lifetime's Prayers for Bobby greeted nearly 200 people last night at the Georgetown home of Dixon Osburn & Jeremy Hodder in Washington, D.C. Bailey, who portrays Bobby's first boyfriend in the film, was the headline guest at PFLAG National's official celebration of the film's premiere, and energized a standing-room-only crowd (at two receptions on the same evening) with his thoughts on the movie, the book and the power of PFLAG.

"Are any of you a little disappointed in the success of Proposition 8 in California?," Bailey asked. "Did any of you have some difficulty coming out to your own family?"

"Then do I have the film for you."

Prayers, Bailey told the crowd, is the film he is "most proud of," adding that the movie had been in the works for many years and "when I finally got a call about it, the producers told me I was a little old to play Bobby now, but did I want to come to Detroit and film for four weeks with Sigourney and play the perfect boyfriend?"

"I said 'Let me think about that . . . ummmm, yeah!'"

"I got to play the perfect, supportive, loving boyfriend," he said, adding that he hopes - and expects - star Sigourney Weaver to pull in an Emmy nod for her role as PFLAG mom Mary Griffith. And PFLAG, Bailey told those in the room, has been a tremendous resource for families like the Griffiths.

"I'm so thankful for groups like PFLAG," Bailey concluded before taking questions from the crowd. "There are many other Bobby's out there, and they are looking for a place to go, like PFLAG, to be safe and find the support they need."

And all of us at PFLAG are grateful for the support of Scott and others who joined us to toast the film and help raise funds for PFLAG's work.

('Prayers for Bobby' airs again tonight - Sunday - at 8pm ET on Lifetime. Read Scott's thoughts on the film in his earlier PFLAG blog entry . . . and check out 'Metro Weekly' and 'The Washington Blade,' later this week, for more photos from Saturday's evening.)

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Joey said...

What a wonderful film! I read the book about 15 years ago. I'm so glad the movie finally got made and was made so beautifully! Kudos to the entire cast and crew, including Mary Griffith!