Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thank Campbell Soup Company for Supporting PFLAG!

Recently, a LGBT-affirming ad ran in The Advocate for Swanson brand broth, which is owned by the Campbell Soup Company.

The ad is part of Campbell's Home for the Holidays campaign and featured a lesbian couple with their son. Unfortunately the anti-LGBT American Family Association urged its members to contact Campbell's soup and criticize them for showing LGBT families in their advertising.

Please take the time to counter their anti-gay message and thank Campbell's for their support of the LGBT and ally community! Let's give kudos to Campbell's for showing that all of our families are worthy of respect.

We especially wish to thank Campbell's because they are a corporate sponsor for our upcoming 2009 Straight for Equality Awards Gala to be held February 5, 2009 in Times Square, New York City!

Be sure to email Anthony Sanzio, the Group Director for Corporate and Brand Communications for Campbell Soup Company ( and follow up with a phone call showing your appreciation as well (1-800-257-8443)!


Tim Christensen said...

Thank You Campbell Soup Company for Supporting PFLAG! I have always enjoyed Campbell Soup products since as far back as I can remember. I now see that Campbell Soup Company embraces all people and I will always buy their products and have only good wishes for them and their extended family.

-Tim Christensen
Washington DC

Anonymous said...

thank you for standing up for what is right!

Susan Tribby said...

Thanks for supporting the gay community and pushing advertising into reality. Susan Tribby Lincoln NE

Mark Childs said...

Proud to be Campbell! Thank you for sharing your support.

Mark Childs, Campbell OPEN co-founder & Chair(Our Pride Employee Network) & PFLAG Canada Board advisor

ARCology said...

Thank you, Swanson and Campbell Soup for such an inclusive ad. It's not really about singling out one minority but about embracing everyone, no matter what their sexual orientation, ethnicity, income, gender identity. We're all in this journey together and deserve to be treated with honor. Your ad does just that.

Anonymous said...

C I am a straight man 67 years old and think it's about time for actions you are taking.
Thank you Swanson/Campbell for your continued support for what is right.

jawstaysun said...

Thank you to Campbell's Soup for the recent ads featuring Swanson brand broth that showed a Lesbian couple making broth/soup for their young child. As a lifetime consumer of Campbell's soup and Swanson chicken broth, it was wonderful to me to see a company that is supportive of families of all kinds.

Although my husband/partner and I have been together for twenty-three years, we do not have any children, but we would definitely give them Campbell's and Swanson products.

My favorites are CHUNKY Chili With Beans FIREHOUSE! and Select Harvest Carmelized French Onion as well as ALL of the HEALTHY REQUEST varieties. I also frequently use Swanson chicken broth when cooking.

Thanks again for the support!


John Sunderman