Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Last week we blogged about Utah state Senator Chris Buttar's calling LGBT people "The greatest threat to America." Today, the Salt Lake Tribune's editorial board calls him out:

"Buttars is what he is: an embarrassment to the state of Utah, and, increasingly, a dinosaur."

The largest newspaper in Buttar's home state says his anti-gay rant was "too ridiculous to warrant a direct response." They add, "He is, in our opinion, the best spokesperson that Utah's LGBT community has ever had, galvanizing their righteous efforts to achieve not superiority, but equality."

Maybe Buttars, without realizing it, is giving a face to the ugliness of anti-gay bigotry. Likening LGBT people to "abominations" and terrorists is a disparate and outdated tactic. The editors of the Tribune sum it up well:

"Buttars will never change. But Utah will. It's already happening. And the momentum will grow, as small-minded men like Chris Buttars help move things along."

Also check out this article today in the Associate Press. Utah's Democrats are calling for sanctions against Buttars for his anti-gay remarks. Last week in response he was removed from a judiciary committee that he chaired.

"By removing Sen. Buttars from these key positions, President Waddoups, who has the sole responsibility to do so, would be sending a clear message to Utahns, Americans and humankind that we do not tolerate bad behavior in the Utah Senate," said Senate Minority Leader Pat Jones.

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