Wednesday, February 18, 2009

California Lawmakers Say Prop. 8 Is Unfair

"Some rights are so fundamental in our federal and state Constitution, we don't allow them to be changed by a simple majority vote,"

So said California Assemblyman Dave Jones (D-Sacramento) when a legislative committee yesterday endorsed legal efforts to overturn California's voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage. The California Supreme Court is expected to begin hearing arguments in March over the legality of Proposition 8.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle today, "After hearing conflicting and often emotional testimony about who deserves the last say on the marriage question, the Assembly Judiciary Committee voted 7-3 in favor of a resolution stating that citizens lacked the authority to put the gay marriage ban directly to voters."

The California Supreme Court has scheduled oral arguments for March 5 on a series of lawsuits seeking to overturn Proposition 8. The suits say the ballot measure was improperly enacted and is itself unconstitutional because it singles out a minority group for discrimination. Keep reading the PFLAG National Blog for updates in March on the court proceedings.

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