Monday, February 9, 2009

A Constant Progress

Who could have foreseen what would happen between the Mormon filmmaker and the lesbian priest?

This is the question that The Los Angeles Times asks today as they look into a documentary made about marriage equality and theology that brought together two unlikely friends - and opened the eyes of a new straight ally.

Douglas Hunter, a member of the Mormon church, decided take a cinematic look into marriage equality and the rights of LGBT people to "allow him to explore a subject considered taboo by many other Mormons but which he could no longer ignore." And that's when he met Rev. Susan Russell of the Episcopal church.

Hunter, who filmed Russell in his documentary The Constant Progress, sums his discovery up nicely:

"If as a straight man I find the tools for strengthening my marriage in the relationships of same-sex couples and of a dear friend, can I deny them a fundamental right that I benefit from and cherish? The answer is no."

Read more about Hunter's film in The Los Angeles Times today...

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