Friday, February 20, 2009

"A Good Parent Is A Good Parent"

Here's news that should surprise absolutely no one: Children raised by loving lesbian and gay parents fare just as well as children brought up by heterosexual couples.

In a widely circulated article from Tuesday's Chicago Tribune, reporter Bonnie Miller Rubin talks to sociologists, researchers, statisticians and others who have reached the unmistakable conclusion that, despite the controversy that still surrounds same-sex families in some parts of America, what's in the best interest of the child is a loving household . . . regardless of the gender of the parents involved.

"Sociologists Judith Stacey and Timothy Biblarz published an analysis in 2001 in the American Sociological Review of 21 studies of children raised by homosexual parents and found that, overall, they were no more likely to suffer from psychological problems than kids raised in conventional homes," Rubin reports.

"There was a very strong consensus that kids turned out about the same," Stacey said.

The study and other research, the Tribune points out, undermine the rhetoric of campaigns in states like Arkansas, where voters approved a ban on adoption during the November elections. And the consequences, they report, are far-reaching.

"At least 4 million U.S. children have one or both parents who identify themselves as homosexual, said Gary Gates of the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law," the paper reports.

"The bottom line is that within the research community there are no empirical studies demonstrating adverse effects, said Stacey, who is now at New York University."

"We know that a parent's sexual orientation is not a significant factor. A good parent is a good parent, . . . and parents who get along and are consistent in their child-rearing . . . have better outcomes than those who don't."

And common sense prevails . . . at least in the pages of the Tribune.

To read Rubin's full report, including interviews with the children of lesbian and gay parents, visit The Chicago Tribune online.

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Cana said...

Yes, the love to children makes a good parent.