Tuesday, February 10, 2009

An Update from Utah

Last week, we blogged about the "Common Grounds Initiative" in Utah, which would advance rights for LGBT Utahans. The Common Grounds Initiative bills would create a statewide domestic-partner registry, outlaw employment and housing discrimination against gay and transgender Utahans, and repeal -- if voters signed on -- the portion of Amendment 3 that forbids civil unions.

Today, according to The Salt Lake City Tribune, Utah's Republican governor, Gov. Jon Huntsman, Jr, supports granting civil unions to gay Utahans.

Perhaps an unlikely ally, Gov. Huntsman has given his support to the The Common Grounds Initiative, including supporting civil unions. His support is welcomed by groups such as Equality Utah, though many people still feel the struggle for LGBT equality in Utah will continue to be an uphill one. Nevertheless, Gov. Huntsman's support for civil unions is a step in the right direction for Utah, and sends a message that politicians on both sides of the aisle are open to taking steps towards full equality.

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