Saturday, February 21, 2009

White Knots on the Red Carpet

Never a politically shy ceremony, tomorrow evening's Oscar telecast seems poised to make news not just because of who wins and who wears what . . . but because many people will also be tuning in to see who "ties the knot."

Sunday's awards show, which is one of television's most watched annual events, will feature the usual line-up of film industry stars, but what is on their lapels will likely make almost as much news as the Monday morning list of who goes home with Oscar gold.

According to Variety's Wilshire & Washington Blog, "When stars parade down the red carpet at Sunday's Oscars, it's anticipated that at least a few of them will be wearing white ribbons."

"While recent displays of such a fashion accessory stir very little controversy -- red ribbons to mark the AIDS crisis, pink to symbolize breast cancer research --- the white ribbons will symbolize support of same-sex marriage," signifying the stars' opposition to anti-equality measures like Proposition 8, and their steadfast support for full marriage equality."

Variety reports that, "According to Frank Voci, who spearheaded the campaign, Anne Hathaway has said she will wear a ribbon, along with some members of the team behind Milk. (Sean Penn has a ribbon, but Voci said he's been told that the star often doesn't decide until the last minute).

All of the major nominees have been sent the ribbons, along with "publicists and agents and studios and production companies, all with an extremely warm reception," Voci said.

And you can get your white knot, too. Just send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

White Knot for Equality
PO Box 691517
West Hollywood, CA 90069

And for more information on the campaign, visit online . . . then tune in on Sunday to see who wears their heart - and their knot - on the sleeve (and lapel).

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