Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ambiente Magazine Interviews Scott Bailey About PFLAG, 'Prayers' and His Gay Fans

Ambiente Magazine has just published an exclusive interview with actor Scott Bailey (pictured), from the acclaimed Lifetime film Prayers for Bobby. Bailey talks to the magazine about his work with PFLAG, his experience filming Prayers and what he thinks about his gay fans . . . Proposition 8 . . . and much, much more.

“I’m very proud to be considered a straight ally,” Bailey said. “I’ve always thought it was important to stand up for what is right, and especially for the majority to stand up for the minority. As a straight white guy, maybe more of the majority will listen to me when I stand up and say that gay rights are guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution and Proposition 8 and gay discrimination are simply wrong.”

“I was thrilled and honored that [PFLAG] asked me to participate” in their Prayers event, he added. “PFLAG plays an integral part in helping families better understand the lives and experiences of their gay family members. . . . I will never forget the mothers and fathers who hugged me, thanked me and through tears told me how much they loved their gay sons and daughters. To help such a powerfully positive organization that literally saves lives is something I would do again in a heartbeat. Anytime, anywhere!”

“I will gladly step up and lend my support in any way I can,” he told the magazine. “I feel strongly about LGBT equality issues. Inequality is not acceptable. Separate is not equal. And I will continue to stand up and raise my voice for equality for all until it becomes a reality.”

And to all the “Bobbys” and their families, Bailey offers this advice: “Be proud of who you are! When you can safely come out, do so. If you are struggling, there are organizations like PFLAG and The Trevor Project that can help. And if your family is having trouble accepting you, turn them on to PFLAG and get them to watch Prayers for Bobby.”

“I may just be one guy,” he told Ambiente, “but I hope that I am being a part of the change I want to see, and I would love for that change to become infectious.”

To read the full Ambiente interview with Bailey, click here.


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