Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Defining Marriage Equality

Today, The Chicago Tribune features the marriage of David and Lee Neubecker and asks its readers to weigh in with their feelings about marriage...

The main article, which you can read here, features the Neubeckers - a gay couple (pictured right, left column) - and a heterosexual married couple that rejects marriage equality.

It certianly seems ironic for any married couple to deny those same rights and privilieges to another couple simply because of their genders. Nevertheless, Chicago Tribune readers are voting now on a marriage equality survery (click here to take the survery) and voicing their opinions online (click here to speak up for LGBT marriage equality).

Share your stories and opinions today, take the survery, and read more about the Neubeckers and why all citizens deserve the same respect and rights to marriage equality.

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