Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Diversity and Prejudice in Scools

This week The Colorado Springs Gazette takes a look at Pine Creek High School' Diversity Club, which aims at creating a dialogue between students of different ethnic, religious, and sexual orientation backgrounds. And the Gazette talks to both national and local PFLAG about creating safe schools!

In profiling PFLAG:

The strategy is to approach schools through parents, rather than as outsiders.

"We've been very deliberate in deciding which cities to launch the program," said Steve Ralls, national spokesman for PFLAG. "And we want to be in places like Colorado Springs, more conservative areas where this work has not been done."

Marilyn Davis, president of the local chapter of PFLAG, says the time is right.

"I think that there's a different climate now because we've had some high-profile issues," Davis said. "So, the administrations are more open now."

"Before, a lot of schools said, ‘We don't allow bullying of any kind here, and we don't allow name-calling. We've got it under control. The parents don't want that discussed in the schools.' But eventually they're going to have to start talking about it."

Read the complete article here

Also be sure to take a look at PFLAG's new safe schools program Cultivating Respect!

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