Friday, March 20, 2009

Dubai: "Manly" Women Considered Menace to Society

This article from the Los Angeles Times is a great way to discuss the commonalities between the women's rights movement and the LGBT rights movement. When we explore the root causes of attitudes towards LGBT people, the root often lies in an effort to maintain traditional gender roles, which typically place women in a subjugated role to men. This construction of roles is difficult to maintain when people pursue same-sex relationships.

The attempt to maintain problematic gender roles is by no means limited to Dubai. We deal with similar perceptions of gender roles in the U.S. So discuss this shocking campaign with your family, friends and PFLAG group!

Also, if any of you are in a book group discussing The Handmaid's Tale, this would be a great parallel between themes of the book and real life. Interestingly enough, Margaret Atwood, the author of the book, recently refused to go to Dubai for an authors' conference because of anti-gay censorship.

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We've all heard about the financial crisis hitting Dubai and the United Arab Emirates' economy: real estate prices plummeting, herds of professionals getting laid off and flocks of shopping-obsessed tourists disappearing.

In this economic mess, the oil-rich United Arab Emirates has set its sights not on unscrupulous bankers or speculators, but bizarrely on women said to act and dress in a masculine way.

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-Kim Jones

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