Wednesday, March 4, 2009

NJ Governor Wants to Sign Marriage Equality Law

PolitickerNJ, a website that follows politics in the Garden State, is reporting that New Jersey's Gov. Jon Corzine announced he is behind complete marriage equality.

Gov. Crozine attended Garden State Equality's gala dinner last night. With the New Jersey legislature expected to consider same sex marriage legislation after the November election, Corzine announced that he "would sign a marriage equality law, saying he hopes he gets to do that in 2009."

Corzine also supported transgender New Jerseyans, announcing "a new regulation allowing transgender New Jerseyans to provide an affidavit of their gender identity to get the Motor Vehicle Commission to change the gender on their license to drive. In the past, the state had required gender reassignment surgery." Thus the new regulations would make life (and getting appropriate I.D.) easier for transgender people in New Jersey.

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