Friday, March 13, 2009

A PFLAG Colonel Rallies for Repeal

The PFLAG National staff just returned from Capitol Hill, where we joined our very own Dan Tepfer (pictured) - a PFLAG dad, board member and retired Colonel - for this afternoon's rally urging Congress to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." An estimated 200 people joined Dan and other veterans and activists from across the country.

The Advocate's Kerry Eleveld spoke with Dan earlier today, and highlights their conversation at the magazine's website:

Daniel Tepfer, a retired Air Force Colonel and national PFLAG board member, will also speak at the rally. Here he dons his rainbow bracelet and notes that he has also removed his wedding ring in order to become more ambiguous.

"This way, when I say something about 'my partner,' people don't know whether that's a woman or a man," he says. "I even sometimes go into book stores and browse the LGBT section."

In terms of getting involved in PFLAG, he says, "When a kid comes out of the closet, a parent goes in, and I went in deep." But that was more than a decade ago, and over the years he has marched in parades, given speeches, and lobbied legislators, including Governor Ted Strickland, who was a congressman at the time. 'He came right out, sat down and said, 'You're from PFLAG, what do you need?' He talked to me until an aide finally came and dragged him away for a vote.'"

To read Kerry's full coverage, click here. And, you can also talk with Dan, live this evening, on the Derek and Romaine Show on Sirius Out Q. For more information on Dan's appearance on the show, at 8:30 this evening, just click here.

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