Thursday, March 26, 2009

Remembering Pedro Zamora

I can remember watching The Real World: San Francisco on MTV fifteen years ago as a young teenager, and seeing Pedro Zamora. He was, at that time, the only visible out gay character on television, and it was the first time I had seen an intimate and positive look into an openly LGBT person's life.

I can also remember how, after the series aired, Zamora - who was also open about living with HIV AIDS, and willing to educate people - passed away.

Now, fifteen years later, MTV is presenting a movie, Pedro on April 1, 2009 about his life and legacy. The Orion reports: "Pedro is a dramatized retelling of Zamora's life. The script is by Dustin Lance Black, who wrote Milk. It goes beyond his participation in The Real World and explores how he impacted young people in the early '90s."

After seeing Dustin Lance Black's screenplay work in Milk, I am interested in seeing this movie about one of the most influential out gay people of the 90's - a decade that shaped the modern gay rights movement enormously.

As Eric Ruben, chairman of the board of directors for Stonewall Alliance Center, told The Orion, "Zamora broke stereotypes and showed young gay people it was OK to be themselves... Sometimes being open about sexuality can save lives."

Pedro debuts April 1 on MTV. It will be simultaneously broadcast on MTV, mtvU, LOGO and MTV Tr3s at 8 p.m.

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