Thursday, March 5, 2009

Speak Up, Spread Love, Start Now

The following is a guest post from Stefanie Miller (pictured).

In the wake of Prop 8, I have found my voice as an ally to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. I have been blessed with many LGBT friends and have often longed for a way to support these amazing people. I've finally found a way, and if you would like to help, I would love to include you in this movement.

I encourage you to write a letter, draw a picture, write a paragraph, a journal entry, or in any other way share your thoughts with someone in your life who is LGBT or connected to the LGBT community - a son, daughter, mother, father, friend, co-worker, partner, role model, someone who helped you in times of struggle . . . anyone, even yourself.

You can write about anything - even things you haven't had the courage or opportunity to say to their faces. Your thoughts/writings don't have to be long, just whatever you have in your heart that you want to share. I want to gather as many words of advice, wisdom, encouragement, shared experience and support as I can, and compile them in some way. I'm not sure what this final product will be . . . perhaps a book for LGBT centers at high schools or colleges? The possibilities are endless and I'm very open to suggestions!

I understand that what I am asking is very personal, and that some of you may not be comfortable contributing to this compilation. For this reason, I ahve set up an email accoutn that you can log onto and upload or copy/paste your letters into completely anonymously.

I wish I had millions of dollars, eons of time and massive political power to put toward changing out world. But I don't. What I do have is my voice and, hopefully, the support and voices of people like you. Together, we will be heard.

Speak Up, Spread Love, Start Now.

Here's how:

1. Email your submission directly to me at

2. Log onto our email forum on to submit anonymously. Just go to and use username speakupspreadlovestartnow and password startnow123.

3. Or, to send your submission by snail mail, email me privately for my home address.

And remember: Speak Up, Spread Love, Start Now.

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