Monday, March 2, 2009

'Swoon' with PFLAG Cincinnati

On Saturday, March 28th, PFLAG's Cincinnati chapter will present Swoon, with original sounds from the English band, which now includes Liz & Dave Archer and Gillian Oakenfull.

The Swoon performance will benefit the chapter's scholarship programs, which provide educational funding for LGBT and allied students in the Cincinnati area. And, over at, a previous scholarship recipient writes about just how meaningful, and important, the program is . . .

"I'm a recipient of this scholarship -- I would not be in school right now if it weren't for this scholarship (whether that's a good thing or bad thing, well, my circadian rhythms will, one day, reset themselves, right? right? please?)," he writes on the site. "In years past, you can almost look at the winners as a Who's Who of Young Gay Cincinnati. Seriously."

" . . . PFLAG is one of the few organizations in town that has stuck to their purpose with such wonderful and amazing abandon. I've been to their meetings, and I want to hug everyone who walks into those doors. I remember the first tiem I attended, there was a new set of parents there... I don't know why they stuck with me, except I remember them hanging around and generally looking uncomfortable, but not being left alone for all the other parents who took the opportunity to introduce themselves."

Swoon will perform on Saturday March 28th from 7 to 10 pm at Below Zero Lounge, 1122 Walnut Street in Cincinnati. Tickets are $25 for a single and $45 for couples, and can be purchased by sending a check payable to:

PFLAG Cincinnati
P.O. Box 19634
Cincinnati OH 45219-0634

For more information, contact Suzanne at (513) 240-1193 or email

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