Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Across the country, PFLAGers can change hearts and minds by sharing their stories ONLINE!

One of the most powerful tools we have as PFLAGers are our stories. Now you have the opportunity to share your story online via video! By sharing our stories in online videos, we can bring our message to new audiences all over the world. That’s why PFLAG/Straight for Equality is participating in StorySummit, a project aimed at getting the stories of LGBT people and their allies online and into the hearts of folks everywhere!

StorySummit is a telephone and online conference hosted by NoDumbQuestions.org. The website is inspired by the award-winning documentary No Dumb Questions. This is a funny and touching film about three sisters aged 6, 9, and 11 whose Uncle Bill is becoming a woman. Now, the website’s goal is to collect stories from LGBT people and allies everywhere. At StorySummit, PFLAG/Straight for Equality’s own Elizabeth Brown and Julie Handy, along with representatives from other national LGBTQ equality organizations, will show participants the best strategies for telling your story to open minds, soften hearts, and make the world a safer and more loving place for LGBTQ people, their friends, family and allies.

We are so excited about this project, but we need your help to make it happen! Join us Wednesday, April 22, 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern, for a conference call or computer training, and help us move equality forward online!

Get More Information & Register Now at NoDumbQuestions.org/StoryHub!

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