Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Across Families, and Oceans

Last month, in March, PFLAG National president John Cepek, along with his wife Char Cepek, visited Great Britain and had the chance to meet with Marjorie Smith of the group Families Together London.

Says Smith of the visit, "It was a fantastic opportunity for all of us. It was especially helpful to me because I can see that PFLAG has moved from support to advocacy, a move which is far less developed in Britain – we need good role models and you are providing one."

She added, "John and Char told us that the most successful PFLAG groups in the States focus not only on support for parents, but also on education and advocacy. This draws in parents who are not necessarily seeking support, but who want to effect change for their sons and daughters."

Click here to visit Families Together London and see some of the work Marjorie's group is accomplishing "across the pond" and be sure to share your thoughts on how groups such as FTL and PFLAG can work together.

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