Tuesday, April 7, 2009

D.C. Votes to Recognize Out of State Marriages

Just as the Vermont legislature voted this morning to recognize full marriage equality, the nation's capital also took a step forward for the city's lesbian and gay couples.

The Washington Post reports that the Council "voted today to recognize gay marriages performed in other states, on the same day that Vermont became the fourth state to legalize same-sex unions."

"Domestic partnerships are already legal in the nation's capital, and gay couples married in other states are recognized as domestic partners when they move to the city," The Post notes. "But today's legislation, billed as an important milestone in gay rights, explicitly recognizes them as married couples."

The vote was unanimous, with all 12 members of the council supporting the measure.

It is both significant and appropriate that America’s capital city has taken this giant step forward in recognizing our nation’s promise of ‘liberty and justice for all.’ Washington remains a symbol of freedom for people across the globe, and a barometer of progress here at home. The District of Columbia has long been among the most progressive and welcoming of America’s cities. Today’s vote keeps it moving in the right direction and is good news for Washington’s large and vibrant lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

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