Friday, April 10, 2009

Life at PFLAG National: Meet Matthew Boyer

Matthew Boyer is Director of Development here at PFLAG National. Matthew joined our staff earlier this year, where he oversees all of our fundraising issues and needs. Today, Matthew shares a little insight into his important work here at PFLAG National...

What did you do before joining PFLAG National?

I recently moved back to DC from Los Angeles where I lived for four years and served as a Major Gift Officer for the Human Rights Campaign. I am incredibly fortunate to have had that opportunity and feel as though I was well trained and seasoned by some of the best fundraisers and activists in the LGBT movement. Prior to Los Angeles, I lived in DC for about 18 years and worked at some other amazing nonprofits in DC such as NARAL and the World Wildlife Fund.

What does your job entail?

I am responsible for the overseeing all the aspects of the fundraising for PFLAG National. This broadly includes direct mail, corporate and foundation relations, planned giving and major donor relationship building. Fortunately, I am surrounded by a creative and dynamic fundraising team that already existed upon my arrival.

What is an average day like at PFLAG National?

The PFLAG National office is a very fast paced environment which is very exciting for me. I basically spend a lot of time strategizing with the development team and [executive director] Jody Huckaby on how to meet (but hopefully exceed!) our budget projections and then figuring out the best way to implement those strategies. It is no secret that these are challenging economic times and every dollar that PFLAG raises is critically important and appreciated. I work with Jody and others to make sure those dollars are stretched as far as possible for our critically important work.

What are your favorite/least favorite parts of the job?

I have to say that I really am excited every morning to wake up and come to PFLAG. The team Jody has assembled is truly amazing, and it is an absolute pleasure to be a part of it. I really enjoy working with my team, and because PFLAG is so much smaller that my previous employer, HRC, I actually get to feel like each of our individual efforts makes an even bigger difference in the fight for LGBT equality.

What is one thing you wish all PFLAGers knew about the National office?

I think many people involved in our movement get a “warm and fuzzy” feeling whenever they hear the name "PFLAG." Perhaps they get a visual image in their mind of their own parents or family members marching behind that PFLAG banner in the local Pride parade to support them.

However, I wish PLAGers, and non-PFLAGers knew just how dynamic the organization is beyond Pride parades. PFLAG has some amazing programs such as Straight for Equality and Safe Schools that I believe few people know about. I wish more people knew how deeply PFLAG works on the national political stage on issues such as ENDA; hate crimes; "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell" and marriage equality. However, as the new Director of Development, I am excited to deliver the outcomes of these efforts to our generous supporters and friends.

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