Thursday, April 9, 2009

Looking Towards Equality in Illinois

Speaking of Illinois today, Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mark Brown writes today about the future of marriage equality in his state.

Brown tells us that at some point before the end of April, the Illinois legislature is expected to vote on civil unions. This comes on the heels of Vermont's legislature voting for marriage equality, after being the first state to allow civil unions.

Brown's theory is that while he believes Illinois is "not ready for gay marriage," civil unions could be a Vermont-like first step towards that goal. And he turns to PFLAG National president - and Chicago area resident - John Cepek [pictured, right] for some perspective.

John tells the Sun-Times, "I've got a straight son. I've got a gay son. I want the same rights for each of them... Its a good thing for the government to support stable relationships wherever it can -- and it's just."

Click here to read all of Mark Brown's column.

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