Friday, April 10, 2009

The Mi Familia Project: Filming Family Stories

PFLAG San Diego is in the process of making a documentary film in Spanish about Latino parents who have embraced their children regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression and identity. The goal of The Mi Familia Project is to help other Latino families cope with the intense emotions that arise when a child or family member comes out as LGBT.

San Diego is going to be our host city for the PFLAG National Convention, October 9-11, 2009. To prepare for this exciting responsibility, they have been doing a lot of work to welcome PFLAGers from all over the country and show them the many facets of San Diego, while also trying to cultivate relationships with local organizations to show them what PFLAG is all about! They have been even reaching out to groups in nearby Tijuana, Mexico, to encourage their involvement in the National Convention.

The chapter has been working on a documentary film throughout the past year, to accurately portray the support work of PFLAG to new families. The Spanish version film will be the second documentary they produce in a year. The chapter has been working overwhelmingly hard to get the word out about PFLAG through film.

The San Diego chapter will provide ongoing support for Spanish speaking families by directing them to Latino services and/or their local LGBT center. The chapter is doing an exemplary job of building relationships with a variety of coalition partners to ensure the project’s success. They are even forming relationships with service providers such as therapists, school counselors, school personnel and administrators, and leaders in the nonprofit community to make sure the documentary reaches LGBT family members, and that families are able to talk about the film in a meaningful way with these service providers.

Keep up the great work San Diego! We all look forward to seeing both the Spanish and English version of the documentary at the PFLAG National Convention in October!

-Kim Jones

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