Thursday, May 7, 2009

MD and PA PFLAGers March for Equality!

Mark Patro, the president of PFLAG Baltimore County, shares with us today his experiences over the weekend at the National March for Equality that was held in Philadelphia. They were joined by several other PFLAG chapters, as well. Just last month the Baltimore County chapter rallied in support of our families against the anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church.

Also, be sure to tune in to the LOGO channel tonight, Thursday, May 7th, for an interview at 7pm.

Five different chapters of PFLAG walked in the National March for Equality organized by Equality Forum. Among the several hundred marchers were more than fifty PFLAG marchers carrying placards (provided by Gay American Heroes) of LGBT victims of violence, and lead by PFLAG Philadelphia. Other PFLAG chapters represented were from Baltimore and Howard Counties in Maryland, and Chester County and Mechanicsburg in Central Pennsylvania.

Assisting the speaker, Scott Hall, from Gay American Heroes were five PFLAG leaders, four of whom are chapter presidents; Myra Taksa (Philadelphia), Colette Roberts (Columbia/Howard County, MD), [Mark Parto himself (Baltmire County, MD)], Lynda Carcione (Chester County, PA) and Bill Sizemore (Mechanicsburg, Central PA).

Participation in this march was powerful collective display of regional representation for PFLAG members. A network of camaraderie among these groups was developed in the planning stages of the march and strengthened day-long rain storm leading to possible future join participation.

- Mark Patro


Myra Taksa said...

Please note that the program on LOGO is at 7:00 P.M. (not 6:00) on 365gayNews.

Steve in MD said...

The most interesting part was when the phobes were there in the street, preaching their "God hates" message, I simply spent some time shooing people away from them, telling people that the worst thing for those creeps is to be ignored.

We need to do something like this in Balt and DC also.

cayolocok9s said...

PFLAG-Wilmington DE was also represented by 4 people on Sunday!

Mark Patro said...

Thank You PFLAG Wilmington! Sorry for the oversight.